DIY Turkey Wreath

Fan feather wreath

If you have extra turkey feathers laying around and already have enough fan mounts in your house, the wild turkey wreath is a great way to show your hunting passion, especially during Christmas. 

This wreath is easy to make and, my favorite part, it’s cheap — except for all the money you had to spend on shells, hunting licenses, a turkey gun, etc. But remember, the money you spend on firearms, ammo and hunting licenses goes back toward conservation, so that’s a win-win for all of us, including the turkeys. Anyway, back to the wreath. Here’s the supplies you’ll need:

• Foam or straw wreath ring

• Turkey tail (and/or wing) feathers

• Twine

• Ribbon, antlers, fall leaves or other decorations

Step One: Feathers for decoration

Plug in your turkey fan feathers by sticking the quills into the foam or straw wreath ring (less than $5 at the local craft store). You may need to cut some of the quills down, and, by cutting them at an angle, they stick into the ring better. You can stick the feathers into the foam straight up and down, or angled to make a more circular motion. You just want to make sure to cover up the wreath ring with feathers. It will likely take more than the usual 18 tail feathers from one gobbler. A few wing feathers would be a nice touch. One tip, if your turkey feathers are dirty or have blood on them, wash them in a water bucket and add a mild detergent like Dawn. Place the feathers in the bucket after mixing the water and let them soak for a few minutes. Take the feathers out, reshape them and blow dry on a low setting or put them in front of a fan. You’ll have a nice, clean shine on your feathers.

Step Two: Add-ons

You can spruce up the wreath with additional decorations like a ribbon, a few fall leaves or a small “Happy Thanksgiving” sign. For an added hunter’s touch, tie in an antler shed or two for the fall season by using twine or picture hanging wire.

Step Three: Hang it

Tie a piece of twine to the back of the wreath ring so you can hang it on a door hanger or inside on the mantle. If you do place the wreath outside, make sure it’s not directly in the elements. Turkey feathers and water don’t mix well, unless you dry them frequently.

Add your own touches to the wreath to match your style. You can also use feathers from other game animals like pheasants, grouse and waterfowl.

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