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I remember the first time I met Adam Winkelman of RLVNT Outdoors. We were at SHOT Show and he was hanging at our booth chatting with folks about the line of outdoor glasses he was producing in partnership with the NWTF. At first glance, the glasses surely were designed to catch people’s eye due to the stylish frames, but the more he talked, I learned these glasses were loaded with technology to help the modern hunter.

So, I was pretty excited when I found out Winkelman was sending over a pair of Strutters and Boss Hens for a field test leading up to fall hunting.

Before we get into any of the actual testing, here is a rundown of some of the key technology.

Chameleon Lenses

No more putting on, taking off your glasses from sunup to sundown. The Chameleon lenses change color based on the amount of light around you, allowing you to wear your glasses throughout the hunt.

This might be the most simplistic way to put things, but these light yellow/green lenses transition to more amber or even dark brown colors to filter varying degrees of light to keep vision clear and provide protection from changing brightness conditions.

Concealment Technology

While not a big deal for most outdoor activities, many animals we hunt can see into the UV spectrum. Normal glasses would allow turkeys or other wildlife to see UV reflections off the lenses in the appearance of a white flash. But, RLVNT’s Concealment technology absorbs UV into the lens, blacking out the lenses to provide an added layer of protection from being spotted. RLVNT also makes Stealth Screen, a fragrant free UV reflecting lotion that also provides SPF-30 protection.

Additional features

Adding to those features already lined out, the lenses are polarized, impact resistance and offer what RLVNT refers to as adaptive, eye-matching clarity. Oh, and they also offer a lifetime warranty.

Field testing the Strutters

Despite all the technology loaded into these glasses, the most important feature for glasses is comfort. If they don’t fit properly, there is no point in wearing them at all. No worry with the Strutters, as they fit great, even fulfilling my need for a wider-than-normal frame. They also are noticeably lightweight.

Even before I hit the field with them, I wore them an entire day, probably drawing quips from people wondering why I was wearing the glasses even inside. But, not once in the day did I feel any pain points from the glasses. The only time I did experience some discomfort was after wearing them throughout a full day on my motorcycle where the lightweight nature of the glasses caused them to vibrate from the wind while riding. But, they probably aren’t designed for this purpose, nor will hunters be using them to this extreme.

I finally hit the woods and climbed into my deer stand (we already are open here in South Carolina), and I was able to clearly notice the lenses change color, starting at a light yellow at dawn, and becoming more rose/amber color as the woods became brighter as the day drew on.

I didn’t have much luck in the woods with deer, so I instead conducted a brief durability test, dropping them from my lock-on stand several times like I’ll accidentally do during the season. Despite being 20 feet or so in the tree, I didn’t notice any scratches. I wasn’t really expecting any as Winkelman shared a video with me where he shot the glasses to see how the lenses would react. While the frame took a hit, the lenses were intact. (Watch that video here: And DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.)

With the entire fall hunting season remaining, I look forward to how they perform on a variety of big game, waterfowl and upland hunts. But, rest assured, I’ll surely be wearing them on the water, in the woods and any other time I need eyewear. — Pete Muller

Field testing the Boss Hens

Finding a pair of women’s hunting sunglasses that offer a stylish frame is not easy. It wasn’t until I was given RLVNT’s Boss Hen sunglasses to field test that I discovered the perfect pair for women in the outdoors.

These stylish glasses come in two different frame colors: translucent brown and tracker matte black, and the lenses come in clear, black or brown. The ones that I received have the translucent brown frame with the clear Chameleon lens. The NWTF logo is engraved on both sides of the frame —walking turkeys on one and NWTF spelled out on the other. The glasses also come with a small microfiber protective case, perfect for storing in your purse and in the console of your car.

While spending a weekend at the coast, I wore them an entire day at the beach that entailed equal parts of sun and overcast. I was able to distinctly notice the lenses adaptive color-changing ability to help me see clearly in both lighting conditions. The lenses offered great eye protection from the sun, helping to avoid squinting and distracting glares. The views from my beach chair were crisp and clear and had me wanting to spend a few extra days there. Dropping them in the sand several times as a test, I observed that there were no scratches to be found on the lenses. Later that afternoon, I wore them to a casual outing with friends and received several compliments on the look and fit. Having worn them all day, I was pleased with the overall comfort and lightweight profile of the frames.

With dove season right around the corner, I decided to wear them out scouting fields. I was amazed by their ability to add color contrast and enhance detail of the field and sky, without distorting any natural colors. These polarized sunglasses helped reduce the glare and reflection of the sun, bringing more ease and clarity to my eyes so that I didn’t have to squint or strain to see the doves flying above, which is crucial in order to make an accurate and safe shot. I was also pleased with how the glasses securely fit. This will help prevent them from falling off my face when reaching down to grab ammo or a harvested dove. One of the many unique features of these glasses is the concealment lens technology that prevents reflection and helps maintain your cover in the field. While a dove bucket, ammo and your favorite shotgun are go-to accessories to bring to the dove field, these sunglasses will be a game-changer that you will regret leaving behind this coming season.

Overall, this is a great pair of glasses to invest in for your next hunting trip. The adaptive color-changing and concealment technology lenses make them perfect for taking out into the field or woods. Their versatile look and capabilities also make them great for a casual day running errands or laying on the beach. Due to their lightweight frame and comfortable fit, they can be worn all day with ease.  If you are a female looking for a pair of reasonably priced sunglasses to hunt with and add a personal touch to your outfit, the Boss Hens are for you. Visit to start shopping now. -Gabby Bates 

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