Ways to Remember the Hunt

Year after year, hunting seasons wax and wane, and after some time, memories of the hunt or the good times can become foggy or even forgotten. These previous hunts turned you into the hunter you are today. So, whether it’s reminiscing on that memorable turkey hunt or simply remembering family and friends together for good times and fellowship, here are some way to relive those moments.

Phone Photo/Video Albums

If we’re being honest, pretty much everyone brings their cellphone with them everywhere, including on the hunt. And many, if not all, smartphones allow the user to create photo/video albums based on subject. Creating a hunting or outdoors album is an easy way to recall a specific hunt or memory.

It’s also simply a fun way to reflect on all your hunts as the years add up. To make this work, though, you have to remember to take photos and videos. If you’re like me, you sometimes get immersed in the good times and forget to document. I’ve learned over the years that it is absolutely worth it. Even if you’re not a tech-savvy person, try to take at least a couple videos and photos while on each hunt. Years later, you’ll be happy you did. What’s more, if you’re considering getting photos printed and framed, doing that from a phone is a simple process.


This one goes without saying. Be it tail fans or the prized bucks you’ve encountered, getting your game taxidermied is a great wat to relive the hunt. It also makes for great talking points with house guests. Each time you have someone new over, you have the opportunity to tell your story and relive the hunt. Not to mention, it adds flare to any room in the house. 


My grandad collected several keepsakes over the years that allowed him to relive the hunt and allowed me to experience it, too. Going forward, I plan to acquire more of these items as my grandad did. One of the great keepsakes I found was a hand-written travel itinerary from my grandad’s safari hunt in Africa many years ago, long before the invention of GPS. Reading the travel/hunt itinerary nearly half a century later transports anyone reading it to the hunt.

While having vintage travel/hunt plans is an awesome keepsake, there are many others that can restore memories from the field. If you go to a specific camp or lodge, you more than likely can find a shirt, hat or something along those lines, but a keepsake can be anything – your bundle of turkey tags from 2010, as a reminder that you didn’t get to use a single one that year, or it could be the shell casing from the first deer you shot. Make it a twofer, and turn that shell into a necklace.


Above all else, starting a hunting journal may be the best way to relive the hunt. Photos, videos, keepsakes and mounted game are all excellent ways to help transport you back to that hunt, but they do not as accurately portray your first-hand experience as you do. What kind of mood were you in, did you help someone harvest their first deer, or did Uncle Joe forget to pack toilet paper. Journaling lets you specify the hunt accurately and from your point of view. Recording weather and other data along with how wildlife responded to those factors can also be a great reference for future hunts.

Whatever way you decide to remember the hunt, we do not have forever to spend in the woods, so why not spend a little extra effort to ensure those memories last?

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