What kind of turkey hunter are you?

There are thousands of products designed to make turkey hunting easier and more enjoyable. From top-of-the-line turkey vests with integrated seating to precision diaphragm calls that give you just the right amount of rasp to call in that old tom — the things hunters take into the woods are truly a personal preference.


These hunters take only the essentials. Their camo may be decades old, and they may not even own a vest. However, their success in the field is never really about what they bring with them. It’s all about enjoying the time afield. These hunters will bring along their turkey gun and a call or two, but that is the extent of their gear. For them, it’s all about being a part of nature, not creating too much extra.


These hunters have every piece of gear imaginable, and they bring it all with them. Their vest is loaded with diaphragm calls with every cut style available, and they bring all the box calls and pot and striker calls they can possibly fit in their vest and pockets. While they too enjoy being a part of nature, they believe every hunt is different and they might need one of those calls to call that bird into range. In other words, they bring every hunters’ trick they have learned.


Then there are those who fall in the middle of the minimalist and the turkey kings. While they enjoy new gear and probably own way too much camo, they decide to bring what they might need without stuffing every pocket. They start with a good vest, to which they add their favorite calls — you know, the tried and true ones. They will bring along a few extras, particularly those they are still trying out.

Some of us fall into a different category depending on the day. On some days, we need a pack mule to bring our gear to the turkey woods, and other days we just need camo, a gun and a few good calls.

Although hunting territory certainly influences what hunters bring to the field, personal preferences play a significant role in what we pack for a hunt. The best part of hunting you don’t even need to pack for: just enjoying your time outdoors.

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