Wild at Art: Dustin Dattilio

Dustin Dattilio is a Vermont artist who found a way to combine his love for the outdoors with his love of art.

Artist’s hometown: Vergennes, Vermont; Current residence: Brandon, Vermont

Inspiration to create outdoor/wildlife art: I have always had an interest in art since I was a kid. My Grandpa is a very talented artist, he does wildlife wood carvings. Watching him create his wood carvings was always amazing to me. I would sit out in his shop while he carved, and I would try to sketch things similar to his carvings. He is a big influence for my artwork and why I was so interested in it as a kid. 

I also grew up in a family of hunters and outdoorsmen. Whether it was deer hunting with my Grandpa, or waterfowl and turkey hunting with my step dad, I was always around hunting and the outdoors. My passion for hunting and the outdoors is stronger than ever and it's what inspires my artwork today. 

Favorite creation: The one I am most proud of would probably be my "Morning Thunder" painting, which was the 2018 NWTF Turkey Stamp. 

Career Highlights:

  •  2018 NWTF Turkey Stamp
  •  2019 CWTF Print of the Year
  •  2019 Vermont Ducks Unlimited Print of the Year\
  • 2019 NWTF Grand National Decorative Call winner with call maker Joshua Daniels
  • “From the Field to Frames” 2020 Hunting Film Network, Amateur Film Winner
  •  Artwork on the cover of multiple magazines

For more of Dustin’s work:

Website: www.DustinDattilioArt.com  

Instagram: @DustinDattilio 


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