Zink Calls Review

Each turkey season, there are a slew of new turkey calls to hit the market, and 2017 was no different.

Wicked Series Box Call

This year, Zink Calls entered into the custom box call market with the introduction of its American-made Wicked Box call, a call designed in partnership with Zink and Grand National Champion Call Maker Marlin Watkins.

One of the first things I noticed was the detailed feather engraving on the call’s lid. And, while extra detail doesn’t make the call sound better, we turkey callers do like our tools of the trade to sound AND look good. The looks are not limited to the lid, as the call is made of poplar and bloodwood, the latter of which gives the lid and base a deep rose color. The dense bloodwood also gives the call some extra weight.

The quality of this call is not limited to its great looks. The double-sided construction offers two distinct and realistic hen tones, and the call performs well for situations that require either loud or quiet calling. If you don’t have a free pocket in your vest for this call, you better make room.

Z – Pack

Released under the tagline “Take Three and Call them in the Morning,” Zink Calls’ Z-Pack is a three-call diaphragm collection for turkey hunters wanting to step up their mouth-calling game.

The first call in the pack is the Z-Yelper, a double split-reed call that is a great introductory call with little rasp. Next up is the Z-Cutter, a triple-reed call that brings more raspy tones and is ideal for cutting and yelping. Rounding out the trio is the Z-Combo, a double combo-cut reed that is easy to run and produces quality hen sounds sure to seduce that boss gobbler.

With these great new offerings from Zink Calls, there’s no reason you can’t call in a longbeard every day of the season.

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