NWTF Wild Turkey Records

Turkey Records Map

** Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, physical items that are shipped to you when you register a turkey (pins, certificates, etc.) are going to be delayed

** Those registering Eastern or Merriam wild turkey records may experience longer wait time due to a backorder on pins from vendors.

NWTF's Wild Turkey Records Program offers NWTF members a way to register any legally harvested wild turkey, taken anywhere in the world. Recordkeeping began in fall 1982 and now we have more than 27,000 records in our database.

Click on the interactive map above to search our Wild Turkey Records database and discover where to find the largest birds in the country. Each pin represents an individual county where birds have been registered in the program. Easily search the database by using the search function at the top of the page, or simply zoom in and out on the map.

Then click on the turkey push pin to bring up an information window that displays the total number of birds harvested in that county and the average and top score, weight, beard and spur length of the birds recorded in that county.

Explore the buttons below to learn more about how to register your bird in the Wild Turkey Records Program and how to score your bird using our scoring calculator. Also learn about Slams and search our Wild Turkey Records Database.