Wild Turkey Records - Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How do I register my bird?

Submit an NWTF Wild Turkey Records Registration Form online or by downloading a registration form. Both the hunter and the primary witness must be or must become a current NWTF member.The secondary witness is not required to be a member.

If opting to use a downlaoded and printed form, email completed form to turkeyrecords@nwtf.net with attachments/photo’s (if required – see registration form) or mail to: The National Wild Turkey Federation Attn: Wild Turkey Records P.O. Box 530 Edgefield, SC 29824

2.    What information do I need to register my bird?

You need the hunter's name, address, phone number, county and date of harvest, weight of bird, spur lengths (both) and beard length(s). Also, see special requirements on the registration form for birds with exceptional weight, over 1.5-inch spurs or over 12-inch beard. 

3.    I can't locate my license number and/or tag number. Can I still register my bird?

Yes. However, we need all the other required information and signatures. 

4.    Is there a time limit on registering my bird?

No, as long as you can still provide all required information and required signatures. 

5.    How much does it cost to register my bird?

$15 per bird. 

6.    Can I write one check for membership and turkey registration fees?

Yes, checks are accepted when using the printed form. Payment can be made online when using the online wild turkey registration form.

7.    Do I receive any information back once my bird is registered?

After we process the registration form, the following will occur:

  • You will receive an 8 x 10 certificate for framing.
  • You will receive a distinctive wild turkey lapel pin with the subspecies of the bird registered on the pin.
  • Your name and the bird's stats will be listed on our website. Birds are ranked statewide and nationally in various categories according to subspecies. This list is updated on the website on a monthly basis. 

8.    I have lost my turkey record pin(s), can I get a replacement?

Yes. The cost to replace each lapel pin is $3. 

9.    How long does it take to hear something back regarding my registration?

Normal processing time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks. (*Note: We are currently updating systems that have caused a delay in the processing.  Thank you for your patience.)

10. Is there an extra charge to register a slam?

No, there are no additional fees required. 

11. Do I receive anything special when I register my slam?

Yes, we mail out slam certificates and slam lapel pins. 

12. How do I find out how my bird ranks?

Click here to review a list of all turkey records and their ranking (statewide and nationally). 

13. Do I need to harvest all my birds in one calendar year to obtain a slam?

No, birds may be registered one at a time or all together.