How To Register Your Wild Turkey

NWTF's Wild Turkey Records Program offers NWTF members a way to register any legally harvested wild turkey, taken anywhere in the world. Recordkeeping began in fall 1982 and now we have more than 27,000 records in our database. Wild turkey harvests now can be registered online or by completing and mailing in the old PDF form.

No time limitation is placed on registering a bird as long as the hunter can provide proper documentation and signatures to meet registration requirements.

Both the hunter and the primary witness must be, or must become, a current NWTF member in order to register the bird. The secondary witness is not required to be a member.

The cost to register each bird is $15. The cost of membership is $35 per year for annual members. Jakes (ages 12 and under) and Xtreme Jakes (ages 13-17) memberships are $10 annually. Payment can be made during the online process or one check may be written for turkey registration and membership fee when using the paper form.

Register your Wild Turkey Online

Step 1:

Find your member record or renew online.

Step 2:

Enter turkey/hunt information. Upload pictures if necessary to verify extraordinary turkeys.

Step 3:

Enter Witness information by searching for their member record.

Step 4:

Enter Payment information and complete the turkey registration.


Register Your Wild Turkey Harvest Using a Printable Form

Step 1:

Download the NWTF Wild Turkey Records Official Registration Form. This digital form can be completed online and submitted via email, or printed and submitted via mail. 

Step 2:

Completely fill out the form, provide proper attachments (if needed) and obtain proper signatures (see form for details). If you need help finding witnesses to sign off on your application, please use the "Find a Chapter" section in the right hand column.  

Step 3:

Email form and attachments/photo’s (if required) to: Payment can be submitted by calling Nancy King (803) 637-7331.


Mail registration form, payment and attachments/photo’s (if required) to:
The National Wild Turkey Federation
Attn: Wild Turkey Records
P.O. Box 530
Edgefield, SC 29824

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing time. (*Note: We are currently updating systems that have caused a delay in the processing.  Thank you for your patience.)

Once records are processed, the following will occur:

  • You will receive an 8 x 10 certificate with your name and your birds information. If registering a Slam (Grand, Royal, World, Mexican, Canadian or U.S. Super Slam), you will receive an 8 x 10 Slam certificate.
  • You will receive a distinctive wild turkey pin with the subspecies of the registered bird on the pin. If registering a Slam, you will also receive a distinctive wild turkey Slam pin.
  • Your name and bird's information will be listed on our website. Birds are ranked statewide and nationally in various categories according to their subspecies. This list is updated on the website on a monthly basis.

If you have any further questions please dial: (800) THE-NWTF (843-6983) and ask to speak with someone about Wild Turkey Records or email