About Slams

***Listings may not be current due to ongoing upgrades to our turkey record databases.***

A slam is considered one of the biggest feats in turkey hunting. A hunter must harvest each species or subspecies of wild turkey listed under one of the six recognized slams in turkey hunting to complete a slam. If you want to test your turkey hunting skills and abilities, aim to complete one or all six slams. 

The Slams

Grand Slam — All four U.S. Subspecies (Eastern, Osceola or Florida, Rio Grande and Merriam’s)

Royal Slam — The Grand Slam plus the Gould’s (found in Mexico and limited areas of the Southwest)

World Slam — Royal Slam plus the ocellated wild turkey (found in Mexico and Central America)

Canadian Slam — Harvesting the Eastern and Merriam’s in any Canadian province (Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta or British Colombia)

Mexican Slam — Rio Grande, Gould’s and ocellated wild turkey harvested in Mexico only

U.S. Super Slam — Harvest one wild turkey subspecies in every state except Alaska

The NWTF’s wild turkey records database accumulates records on all wild turkeys currently or previously registered to determine who has achieved Grand, Royal, Mexican, Canadian or World Slams. No additional registration forms or fees are due beyond registering individual birds. The completion of a slam does not require the kills to take place in a single calendar year.

We acknowledge slam accomplishments by sending the following:

  • You will receive a slam certificate(s) for each accomplished slam.
  • You will receive a distinctive wild turkey record slam pin(s) for each accomplished slam.
  • All slams will be published on our official Web site. This listing is updated monthly.

The NWTF has compiled a list of people who have completed each slam. Check out our slam achievers by slam type: