NWTF Magazines

NWTF publications have been educating hunters and conservationists since 1973. Our commitment to providing relevant content to our members continues today with Turkey Call and JAKES Country magazines. In them, we celebrate our conservation successes, the dedication of our hundreds of thousands of volunteers and the unwavering support of our many partners. 

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Turkey Call

The NWTF has undertaken a massive rebranding effort to appeal to turkey hunters new and old. It should be easily recognizable, beginning with this issue and a shift from Turkey Country to Turkey Call on the magazine masthead, along with an improved look and feel to the publication – from the quality of the paper to the design of each page. For more than three decades, Turkey Call graced the front of the NWTF’s official publication, and we felt it was the right time to bring it back with a facelift that fits the future direction of the NWTF.

These are all significant changes, but the content within the magazine continues to focus on what’s important to conservationists and turkey hunters – habitat management and conservation work, topics related to wild turkey research and education, hunting, food and the pursuit of the great outdoors. You’ll notice a new tag line, “Healthy Habitats. Healthy Harvests.,” that illustrates the importance of each element to our two main loves: conservation and hunting. Those two are entwined and cannot exist without the other.

A new NWTF brand and the way we communicate our message was needed to secure a strong future for the NWTF to continue to positively affect wild turkey conservation and our hunting heritage as it has for nearly 50 years. These alterations point to the big picture: we must bring more outdoorsmen and women into the NWTF family and help them understand the connection between our conservation work and how it improves wildlife habitat for wild turkeys and many other species, as well as impacting the world around us.

JAKES Country

JAKES Country is an educational publication of the not-for-profit National Wild Turkey Federation, Inc., dedicated to involving youth in conservation and passing on the North American hunting tradition. The NWTF is committed to the conservation and proper management of the wild turkey and upholds lawful, ethical and safe hunting; the principles of modern wildlife management; and the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat for the recreational use of this and future generations.