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2022 SHOT Show Spotlights

It’s been two years since the outdoors and shooting sports industries gathered for the NSSF’s annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas thanks to the pandemic.

Pete Muller January 27, 20226 min read

But, with more than 800,000 net square feet of floor space across expanded exhibit halls, swarms of manufacturers, buyers, media and more were “all in” on a chance to gather and check out the outdoor industry’s hot new 2022 products.

So, just like in years past, we scoured the floor to find things that may be of interest to you, the outdoorsman. (Note: Some of these items may have debuted in 2021.)


Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey – While there were a few guns that seemed to have minor upgrades, this was a true new-for-2022 gun. This semi-auto-loading shotgun comes standard with an X-Factor XX-Full Turkey Choke Tube, HiViz optics, oversized charging handle and bolt release and is ready to be topped with Shield RMSc-pattern micro dot sights. The gun is available with either a 24- or 18½-inch barrel, and its stock comes with adjustments to customize the length of pull. And, throw-back turkey hunters will rejoice, as it comes exclusively in Mossy Oak Greenleaf.

SX4 Waterfowl Hunter Woodland – We got our hands on this beauty during Industry Day at the Range and enjoyed busting clays with it. It’s lightweight, easy to shoulder and the finish is eye-catching thanks to the woodland camo. It comes with three chokes and a TRUGLO fiber-optic site. With it being available in 26- and 28-inch barrels for both 12- and 20-gauge models, you’ll have your pick depending on your desired hunting in the turkey woods or the marsh/flooded timber.

Turkey Hunting Gear

Nukem Hunting Grab and Go Blinds – This North Carolina-based company may be brand new to the industry, but it was showing off its debut product on a big stage. While more of a hunting screen than a blind, this product is super lightweight, compactable and doesn’t require stakes, making it perfect for the mobile hunter, as well as those just looking for that extra edge on keen-sighted game animals such as turkeys. Currently the product is available in two different True Timber Camo patterns.

Primos Double Bull SurroundView Stakeout in Mossy Oak Greenleaf – While it actually debuted in early 2021, it was a first showing at SHOT Show. The Stakeout features two-hub panels and three shooting windows in the revolutionary SurroundView walls one-way see through technology that blew minds in the hunting world just a few years ago and Mossy Oak Greenleaf dons the exterior of the walls. The Stakeout weighs 4½ pounds and can provide nearly 60 inches of side-to-side cover and more than 36 inches of height concealment.

ALPS OutdoorZ Ambush Sling Pack – As the turkey hunting game has changed, so have the products available to those who prefer the more run-and-gun style. And, this new launch from ALPS OutdoorZ is going to be a must-have for the minimalist, mobile turkey hunter. For starters, this lightweight sling pack can be customized to keep your shooting shoulder free of straps thanks to its ambidextrous shoulder strap connections. It also features a ThermaCELL pocket, silent box call pocket, removeable diaphragm pocket, and it has room for two slates and three strikers. Look for it in both Mossy Oak and Realtree patterns.

Titan 3D Leafy Suits – It may have been back in 2020 that we first featured these lightweight, ultra-quiet, breathable leafy suits, but improvements brought them back to the forefront this year. The standard suit now has been treated with waterproofing, has zippered pockets on the pants, a removeable mosquito facemask, boot zippers on the pants and more. The more heavy-duty Outfitter series is even more robust than the standard leafy suit, adding more cargo-snap-style pockets on the jacket and pants, a cell phone pocket, zippered game pouch on the rear and more. Titan 3D also has adapted gloves from the leafy fabric. The standard suit is available in both Mossy Oak and Realtree camo patterns, and the Outfitter series is currently only available in Realtree.

Remington TSS – While officially first announced in 2020, Remington is joining in on the TSS craze and the loads are now finally in production and shipping for sales. Look for it in No. 7 and No. 9 shot for 20- and 12-gauge shotguns, and .410 loads will feature No. 9 shot.

Primos Lil’ Gobbstopper Series – The tried and true Gobbstopper line has been revamped with a smaller profile and a little more attention to coloring and posture. The smaller size also makes them easier and lighter to carry. The Lil’ Gobbstopper will be available in thee variations, hen, jake and a combo pack.

General Hunting/Outdoor

Elite Tactical System – We caught this product at Industry Day at the Range, and it was billed as “the world’s fastest speed loader.” After watching company reps rapidly load handgun and sporting arm magazines, it definitely could stake claim to that title. The handgun version showcased at the booth is compatible with 9mm or .40-caliber rounds, but models also are available online for .380 and .45. The rifle loader was used on a .223 magazine but is promoted as being universal. For anyone who spends time at the range, or simply wants to save their thumb wear and tear, this might be a worthwhile purchase.

Primos Trigger Stick Gun-Mounted Bipod – Any hunter who has ever used a Primos Trigger Stick knows the benefits of the one-hand adjustments. Now Primos is bringing this technology to bipods that can be mounted to the swivel stud or rails on most rifles and modern sporting arms. This release is set to hit later this spring, but it will be available in three different height configurations.

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Federal Top Gun Paper Wads – The folks at Federal have released an offshoot of the popular Top Gun target loads featuring their new, exclusive paper wad. Available in both steel and lead shot, use of these shells will reduce plastics downrange. We tested the loads at range day and broke clays with ease.

Seirus Reversible Base Layer – Good base layers are never a bad idea, regardless of if you are a hunter or someone who simply enjoys time spent outdoors. These new reversible releases from Seirus are constructed using their Max Wick fabric for increased breathability and moisture wicking, and they feature Heatwave technology that keeps you warmer by reflecting your body’s heat back to you. Look for them in both male and female versions as well as two color options.

HotShotz Reusable Hand Warmer – This may not be a new product, but it was a first-time showing in Vegas for HotShotz. The reusable design of the handwarmers, and other heat packs, makes them great for those who spend time outdoors. The contents of all their products stay in liquid form until the push of a button causes a reaction turning the liquid to crystals and giving off heat up to 130 degrees. The handwarmers can last for about an hour and can be reset by boiling in water for about 15 minutes and then cooled.

Garmin Fenix 7 – Whether an avid outdoorsman or someone who just loves to stay active, the upgraded Garmin Fenix can fit your needs. Now available with a touch screen, this heavy-duty, popular smartwatch still features built-in GPS mapping, messaging, music and much more. With real-time heart rate monitoring, you’ll can track your excitement of the hunt and see how buck/turkey fever really affects you.

Spartan Precision Equipment – While these high-end shooting sticks are probably more than what the average hunter needs, they are downright fascinating to me. The folks at their booth showed off the versatility of the shooting sticks, bipods and head mounts that all work seamlessly with their wide range of gun-mount hardware.

Dark Energy Poseidon Pro – Never let your battery powered devices die in the field again. Dark Energy made a huge splash about five years back with its initial launch of the Poseidon, but the tough as nails brick charger is upgraded and better than ever. It’s still submersible, drop proof and shock proof, but it now has even more power and can charge a laptop, if needed. And, it comes with a reinforced USB-C cable, a redesigned batter strap and the Carabiner Pro multitool.

Leupold DeltaPoint Micro – This optic, currently available for Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P models, is super compact and low-profile, mounting to a pistol using the rear site dovetail channel. Because of this, target acquisition comes naturally and should result in better accuracy. If the optic isn’t turned on, the sight’s ghost ring design still allows for shooting. The 3 MOA dot has eight adjustment settings and offers as much as 30,000 hours of battery life at the medium setting. The optic can be turned off manually, but its motion-sensor technology allows it to deactivate after five minutes of inactivity. It re-illuminates as soon as the firearm is picked up. While it may take some time to get used to the different look, you’ll quickly realize how great of a sight it really is.

Camp Chef Gas Fireplace – Camp Chef might be known for their pellet grills, camp stoves and cooking gear, but they are expanding and upgrading their fire pit line in 2022. All models are propane powered, include lava rocks to help disperse heat and have adjustable flame controls. Size diameters for the fire pits range from 16 to 24 inches.

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