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Turkey Hunting

2022 Spring Hunt Guide

For turkey hunters, it is all the motivation we need to get ready for the season.

NWTF Staff March 1, 202220 min read
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Most of us have been planning spring hunts since last year. However, if you find that you are now ready to make plans to travel for wild turkeys this spring, the following state-by-state guide will help you put your plans into motion.

This guide is up-to-date as of the time of publication, but please check with the website of the specific state you want to hunt for the most up-to-date information on season dates, bag limits and general rules and regulations of the state. As hunters, it is our responsibility to know and understand the laws, regulations and special restrictions for the places we choose to hunt. Above all, plan to stay safe while traveling this spring, while on the way to your destination and particularly while hunting. Happy spring turkey season!

Jump to your state using the first letter of your state's name.


(334) 242-3469
2021 HARVEST DATA: 24,995 estimated 
SEASON DATES: Zones 1 and 3, March 25 to May 8; Zone 2, April 1 to May 8
BAG LIMIT: One gobbler per day, four gobblers during combined fall and spring seasons
LICENSE COST: Resident annual $28.50, WMA $18.90 / Nonresident annual $329.70, 10-day $203.60, 3-day $143.65, WMA $18.90
NEED TO KNOW: Statewide turkey zones were reduced from five to three. The statewide bag limit for combined fall (counties with season) and spring seasons has been reduced from five to four. One gobbler per day. No decoys are allowed first 10 days of any spring season. March 25 opening date for Zone 1 and 3; April 1 for Zone 2.
*Check regulations for new season dates and bag limits on public land (Wildlife Management Areas/National Forests).

Photo Credit: Jami Linder
Photo Credit: Jami Linder


No huntable turkey population

(602) 942-3000
 Merriam’s: 20,000; Rio Grande: 500; Gould’s: 700
2021 HARVEST DATA: An estimated 4,555 hunters harvested 884 birds for an average of 19% hunt success during permit-tag hunts in Spring 2021
SEASON DATES: April 22 to May 19 with two stratified hunts for Merriam’s and Rio Grande; April 22 to May 26 for Gould’s
BAG LIMIT: One turkey/year
LICENSE COST: License only: $37/$160, does not include application fee for permit-tags ($13-resident, $15-nonresidents) or permit-tag cost: $38/$105, which is collected if drawn, and includes application fee.
NEED TO KNOW: Arizona turkey tags are primarily sold as permit-tags, which are only available through the draw process, with the exception of archery tags for hunting in seven units that are available for purchase over-the-counter. Youth hunters may also purchase non-permit tags over the counter for spring hunts in 10 units. The draw deadline for Spring 2023 hunts will be Oct. 11, 2022.

(501) 223-6300
 80,000 – 100,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: 7,013
SEASON DATES: Special Youth Turkey Hunt Weekend: April 9 – 10, 2022; Turkey Zone 1: April 18 – April 26, 2022; Turkey Zone 2: April 18 – May 8, 2022
BAG LIMIT: Statewide: Two legal turkeys (zone limits apply); special youth turkey hunt weekend: one legal turkey; turkey zone 1: one legal turkey; turkey zone 2: two legal turkeys
LICENSE COST: Resident: $25 - $35.50; Resident Sportsman’s License - $25 (two turkey tags); Combination Resident Sportsman’s License - $35.50 (two turkey tags); Non-Resident: $55 - $350; Nonresident 1-Day All Game Hunting License: $25 (one turkey tag); Non-resident 3-Day All Game Hunting License: $125 (two turkey tags); Nonresident 5-day All Game Hunting License: $180 (two turkey tags); Nonresident Annual All Game Hunting License: $350 (two turkey tags)
NEED TO KNOW: Hunters Age 6 – 15 may take up to one jake as part of their two-bird statewide limit; taking of bearded hens is prohibited; hunters are allowed one legal turkey during the first seven days of the spring turkey season; bag limits on all individual WMAs are one legal turkey. Hunters attempting to fill a second tag on WMAs must travel to a different WMA than where they harvested their first.

(916) 373-8817
2021 HARVEST DATA: 20,795
SEASON DATES: Junior: March 19-20, March 26 to May 15; General: March 26 to May 1; Archery: May 2-15;
BAG LIMIT: One bearded bird per day, three per season
LICENSE COST: Resident – $52.66; Non-resident annual – $183.60; Non-resident one-day – $25.10; Non-resident two-day – $52.66; Upland Validation – $10.54 (Federal Duck Stamp Required to hunt U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lands)

(303) 297-1192
 30,000 to 35,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: Hunters bagged approximately 5,700 turkeys in Colorado in 2020.
SEASON DATES: April 9 – May 31 Several units have split seasons, see brochure for details
BAG LIMIT: Two bearded turkeys in the spring. One must be taken with a limited license, the other must be taken with an over-the-counter license.  See brochure for details.
LICENSE COST: Resident - $31.41; Non-Resident - $160.67
NEED TO KNOW: See 2022 Colorado Turkey hunting brochure for specific changes.

(860) 719-3152
2021 HARVEST DATA: Spring – 1,247; Fall Firearms – 44; Fall Archery – N/A
SEASON DATES: Regular Spring Season – April 27, 2022 to May 28, 2022; Spring Junior Hunter Training Days – April 16, 2022 to April 23, 2022
BAG LIMIT: Five bearded birds (private and/or state land or any combination)
LICENSE COST: Firearms Hunting: Resident - $19.00; Non-resident - $91.00 and Resident Game Bird Conservation Stamp: Resident and Non-resident -$28.00
NEED TO KNOW: Spring turkey hunters should scout multiple locations to have alternative hunting areas in case another hunter is at your initial location.

(302) 739-9910
Estimated 6,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: 612
SEASON DATES: April 9 to May 7
BAG LIMIT: One bearded bird per year
LICENSE COST: Resident $39.50/Non-Resident $199.50
NEED TO KNOW: Turkey Hunter Safety Course required for all hunters. Hunting hours half-hour before sunrise to 1 p.m. daily. No Sunday hunting allowed. Permits required for turkey hunting on public lands. All harvested birds must be registered at a check station by 2:30 p.m. A special one-day hunt for youth (ages 10-15) and non-ambulatory hunters held on April 2.

(850) 488-4676
 Not Available
2021 HARVEST DATA: Estimated 13,007 turkeys harvested
SEASON DATES: South of State Road 70 - March 5 to April 10; North of State Road 70 - March 19 to April 24
BAG LIMIT: Two turkeys, except in Holmes County (one turkey)
LICENSE COST: Turkey permit for residents is $10, nonresident is $125

(706) 557-3333
No statewide estimate
2021 HARVEST DATA: In 2021 an estimated 54,509 hunters harvested 18,192 turkeys
SEASON DATES: Statewide: April 2 to May 15; Public Lands (WMAs, VPAs and National Forests): April 9 to May 15
BAG LIMIT: Two gobblers/season; One gobbler daily; One per WMA/National Forest
LICENSE COST: Resident: $15 hunting license plus $25 Big Game License; Nonresident: $100 hunting license plus $225 Big Game License
NEED TO KNOW: Significant changes are going into effect for the Spring 2022 turkey season. Statewide turkey season is shifted to open one week later on April 2. On WMAs, VPAs, and National Forests, the turkey season opens two weeks later on April 9, 2022. The season still closes on May 15. The statewide bag limit has been reduced to two gobblers per season, with a one gobbler daily bag limit. Additionally, the bag limit on WMAs, VPAs and National Forest Lands (outside WMAs) is one gobbler per area.

(808) 974-4221
 Not available
2021 HARVEST DATA: Not available
SEASON DATES: Check regulations
BAG LIMIT: Check regulations
LICENSE COST: Check regulations

 26,000 to 55,000
SEASON DATES: Youth Hunt April 8-14; General season April 15 to May 25
BAG LIMIT: Two male or bearded turkeys in spring
LICENSE COST: First tag: $19.75, Second tag: $12.25; $80 for nonresident tag

Photo Credit: David McCleaf
Photo Credit: David McCleaf

(217) 782-6302
 not estimated
2021 HARVEST DATA: 13,613
SEASON DATES: Youth – March 26-27 & April 2-3; North Zone – 1st April 11-15; 2nd: April 16-21; 3rd: April 22-27; 4th: April 28-May 4; 5th: May 5-12; South Zone – 1st April 4-8; 2nd: April 9-14; 3rd: April 15-20; 4th: April 21-27; 5th: April 28-May 5
BAG LIMIT: 1 bearded bird per permit, 3 permits per hunter (subject to availability)
LICENSE COST: Resident – $15; Nonresident - $125; Youth - $10
NEED TO KNOW: Applications for permits in the third lottery were accepted Jan. 22 to Feb. 9. Apply at Leftover permits will be available over-the-counter at participating vendors beginning March 8.

Estimated 130,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: 12,320
SEASON DATES: Regular: April 27 to May 15. Youth weekend April 23-24
BAG LIMIT: One bearded or male bird per hunter
LICENSE COST: Resident spring turkey license, $32 plus annual gamebird stamp ($11) for a total of $43; Resident youth (17 or under) consolidated hunt/trap, $12 (no gamebird stamp requirement). This license is also available to nonresident youth who have a parent, grandparent or legal guardian who is an Indiana resident. Nonresident spring turkey license, $175 plus $11 annual gamebird stamp, for a total of $186. Nonresident youth spring turkey license, $32 plus $11 gamebird stamp for a total of $43. Reminder: Note conditions under resident youth consolidated license.
NEED TO KNOW: All new license rates for 2022

(515) 725-8200
 100,000 to 120,000 estimate
2021 HARVEST DATA: 11,679 reported spring 2021
SEASON DATES: Youth April 8-10 (residents only); Season 1 April 11-14; Season 2 April 15-19; Season 3 April 20-26; Season 4 April 27-May 15
BAG LIMIT: One bearded or male bird per valid license and transportation tag
LICENSE COST: Resident tag $28.50 per tag up to two tags per hunter of which one must be during the fourth season. Nonresident tag $119 per tag plus nonresident hunting license and habitat stamp. Draw application ends Jan. 31 or over the counter for unfilled draw zones and seasons until sold out. Nonresident limited to one tag.
NEED TO KNOW: Iowa offers many unique hunting scenarios from riparian hunts in Northwest Iowa to challenging hiking hunts in the Loess hills region of Western Iowa. Traditional block timber hunting is available in much of the eastern third of the state, with a decline in turkey numbers in southeastern portions of the state. Nonresidents will find plenty of public land in Northeastern Iowa. Hunters should be prepared for a variety of hunting conditions throughout the seasons.

(620) 672-5911
 Turkey abundance not estimated. In general, statewide population declines since 2008 due to low recruitment.
2021 HARVEST DATA: Estimated 16,826 turkeys harvested
SEASON DATES: Youth/Disabled       April 1-12; Archery April 4-12; Regular April 13 to May 31
BAG LIMIT: Units 1 (northwest) and 2 (north-central): Two birds; Units 3, 4, 5, 6: One bird
LICENSE COST: Resident Permit $27.50, Resident Game Tag $17.50; Nonresident Permit $62.50, Nonresident Game Tag $32.50
In addition to your turkey permit and tag, you MUST have a Kansas hunting license, unless exempt by Kansas Law (Resident: $27.50 / Nonresident: $97.50).
NEED TO KNOW: Any resident or nonresident hunter may purchase a turkey permit valid in units 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.  A turkey permit is valid for one bearded turkey. Any hunter with a spring turkey permit is eligible to purchase one spring turkey game tag valid only in units 1 and 2. A spring turkey game tag is valid for one bearded turkey. Spring turkey permits and game tags may be purchased online, at any vendor location or by phone from March 1 to May 31. Any resident or nonresident may purchase a Spring Turkey COMBO permit and game tag by March 31 and save up to $7.50.

(800) 858-1549
 250,000 to 400,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: Spring 29,223; Fall 1,524 as of Jan. 1
SEASON DATES: Spring Youth Weekend April 2-3, 2022; Spring General Season April 16 to May 8, 2022; Fall Archery (vertical bow) Sept. 3 to Jan. 16, 2023; Fall Crossbow Oct. 1-16 and Nov. 12 to Dec. 31; Fall Shotgun Oct. 22-28 and Dec. 3-9
BAG LIMIT: Spring two total; no more than one per day, must have visible beard; Fall: four total, no more than two of which taken with shotgun, no more than one of which with beard length three inches or longer, no more than one per day.
LICENSE COST: Residents ages 12-15 $16 for youth permit or $30 for youth sportsman’s license; Residents ages 16-64 $57 for hunting license plus turkey permit or $95 for sportsman’s license with other species privileges; Resident age 65 and over or disabled $12; Non-residents ages 12-15 $25; Non-residents age 16 and over $235 (hunting license $150 plus turkey permit $85); same cost for spring and fall seasons
NEED TO KNOW: The following regulation changes, to begin for 2023-2024 seasons, were recently approved by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commission pending legislative approval: bag limit per hunter per individual WMA lowered from 2 to 1 (total per hunter public land bag limit remains 2); and non-bearded turkeys may not be taken during fall season.

(225) 765-2361
 Estimated 40,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: Estimated 5,500
SEASON DATES: Season Dates (see regulations for Area descriptions) Area A, April 2-May 1; Area B, April 2 - April 24; Area C, April 2 - April 17
BAG LIMIT: Two gobblers
LICENSE COST: Resident $34.50; Nonresident $320.50

 Spring Population estimate – 70,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: Spring 2021 Harvest – 5,891
SEASON DATES: Youth Day April 30; General season May 2 to June 4
BAG LIMIT: Wildlife Management Districts 7, 9-29, two bearded turkeys; Wildlife Management Districts 1-6 and 8, one bearded turkey
LICENSE COST: $20 turkey permit for resident or non-resident.

(410) 260-8540
 Estimated 40,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: 3,910
SEASON DATES: April 18 to May 23; Junior hunt April 16-17
BAG LIMIT: Two per season (one per day)
LICENSE COST: Resident Regular $24.50, Resident Junior $10.50, Resident Senior $5, Resident Apprentice $10, Nonresident Regular $130, Nonresident Junior $32.50, Nonresident Senior $65, Nonresident Apprentice $20
NEED TO KNOW: Sunday hunting in select counties only. Certain public lands require additional permit.

(508) 389-6300
2021 HARVEST DATA: Estimated 3,000
SEASON DATES: Youth April 23; Regular season April 25 to May 21
LICENSE COST: Resident hunting $26 or sporting license $47, non-resident big game hunting $98; in addition to license fee, all resident and nonresident turkey hunters must have a $10 turkey permit.

(517) 896-1720
 Not available
2021 HARVEST DATA: Not available
SEASON DATES: April 23 – June 7, depending on hunt unit.
BAG LIMIT: One bearded turkey
NEED TO KNOW: Application period began Jan. 1 and ended Feb. 1. Draw results available online March 7.

2021 HARVEST DATA: 12,070 harvested (21% success rate)
SEASON DATES: April 13 to May 31
The season is broken into five 7-day periods (A-E) and one 14-day period (F) at the end of the season. Firearm hunters are restricted to a one-week period (A-E) selected when they purchase their license, but may hunt the final 14-day period (F) if they were not successful earlier. Archery hunters can hunt any time during the turkey season.
BAG LIMIT: 1 bird (male or bearded hen) per hunter
LICENSE COST: $26 (Resident Adult), $96 (Nonresident Adult), $5 (youth)
NEED TO KNOW: Hunters must declare a Turkey Permit Area (TPA), presumably where they intend to hunt the most, when they purchase their license. This information helps with a population monitoring program. However, hunters are not restricted to hunting only that TPA. Three TPAs are available only by lottery during the first three weeks of the turkey season (502, 511, 512; A-C).

Photo Credit: David McCleaf
Photo Credit: David McCleaf

(601) 432-2199
Estimated 225,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: Estimated 2021 spring harvest 22,000
SEASON DATES: Youth Season March 8-14; Regular Spring Season March 15 to May 1
BAG LIMIT: One adult gobbler, or one gobbler with at least a 6-inch beard, per day, three per spring season. Youth hunters ages 15 and younger may harvest one gobbler of choice per day, three per spring season.
LICENSE COST: Resident All Game License: $25; Non-resident All Game License: $300 (annual), $150 (7-day), plus non-resident Spring Turkey Permit: $50
NEED TO KNOW: Nonresident hunters must now obtain a special, no-cost Public Land Endorsement in addition to regularly required licenses when hunting open public lands between March 15-28. The new endorsement was allotted in limited quantities via a drawing conducted in mid-February. Learn more at

(573) 751-4115
Estimated 350,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: 34,595 (Youth Harvest: 2,795; Regular Harvest: 31,800)
SEASON DATES: Youth Season: April 9-10; Regular Season: April 18 to May 8
BAG LIMIT: Youth Season: one male turkey or turkey with a visible beard. Youth who take a turkey during the youth season may not harvest a second bird until April 25 because the bird taken during the youth season counts as the bird for the first week of the regular season.
Regular season: two male turkeys or turkeys with a visible beard may be taken during the season provided that only one turkey may be taken during the first week from April 18-24. If a hunter does not harvest a turkey during the first week, they may harvest two turkeys during the second or third week from April 25 to May 8 but may not take both turkeys on the same day.
LICENSE COST: Resident: $17; Nonresident: $224; Youth: $8.50
NEED TO KNOW: Find additional information about hunting turkeys in Missouri at

(406) 444-2535
About 120,000 Merriam's
2021 HARVEST DATA: (2020 data) 2,979
SEASON DATES: April 15 to May 31
BAG LIMIT: Five in spring (up to 13 throughout the year with super tag)
LICENSE COST: Resident: Conservation license, $8, Base License, $10, Turkey, $6.50 each, Upland Game Bird license $7.50. Nonresident: Conservation license $10, Base license, $15 and Turkey $115 (unless nonresident purchases an upland game bird license, then it is $57.50), Upland Game Bird license $110 (not needed for turkey, but qualifies nonresident for less expensive turkey licenses.)
NEED TO KNOW: Check regulations at for changes following the February Commission meeting.

: N/A
2021 HARVEST DATA: 2020 Fall: 3,302; 2021 Spring: 20,782
SEASON DATES: Archery: March 25 to May 31; Youth Shotgun: April 9 to May 31; Shotgun: April 16 to May 31
BAG LIMIT: Spring: One male or bearded female turkey per permit; Max of three permits per person
LICENSE COST: Resident: $30; Nonresident: $128; Youth Resident and Youth Nonresident: $8; Nebraska Habitat Stamp: $25; (Habitat stamp is required for all hunters except youth resident)
NEED TO KNOW: See Nebraska Turkey Guide at

(775) 688-1500
 The estimated turkey population in Nevada is between 1,650 and 2,450 birds
2021 HARVEST DATA: During the 2021 Nevada Spring Turkey Season, 162 tags were issued. Of those, 131 hunters returned a questionnaire after the season concluded and 116 people indicated they hunted. Sixty-three turkeys were harvested according to the questionnaire results for a success rate of 54%, which is above the long-term average success rate of 50%. Of the birds harvested, 56 were considered toms while just seven were jakes. Average beard length was calculated at 7 inches for the 2021 season. Each hunter spent an average of 4.3 days in the field.
SEASON DATES: Season dates and lengths are variable, depending on which unit group is selected. Most seasons begin on March 26 and conclude on May 1. However, there are several seasons that are nine days long as some hunt areas have multiple hunt periods.
BAG LIMIT: Only one wild turkey tag is allowed per calendar year.
LICENSE COST: Resident Adult Hunting License cost is $38; Nonresident adult combination hunting license cost is $155; Resident turkey tag cost is $20 plus $10 application fee. Nonresident turkey tag cost is $50 plus $10 application fee.
NEED TO KNOW: Applications for the 2022 Spring Turkey Season in Nevada were due Feb. 1, 2022. For further information on specific changes to the 2022 turkey season, see the 2021-2022 Nevada Small Game Guide (page 5) available on the NDOW website for details.

New Hampshire
(603) 271-2461
 estimated 45,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: The May 2021 Spring season total harvest was 5,399 birds. This includes 542 birds registered during the youth weekend hunt that precedes the spring hunt.
SEASON DATES: Youth weekend April 23-24; Spring season: May 1-31; Fall Archery season: Sept. 15 to Dec. 15 (except for Wildlife Management Unit A, which closes a week earlier on Dec. 8); Fall shotgun season: Oct. 10-16 (in designated WMUs D2, G, H1, H2, I1, I2, J1, J2, K, L, M).
BAG LIMIT: One male or bearded turkey during the spring season and a second turkey of either sex during the fall seasons, or hunters may take two male or bearded turkeys during the spring season. One spring turkey can be taken in any wildlife management unit (WMU), and one must be taken in WMUs H1, H2, J2, K, L or M. The first turkey must be legally registered before the second spring turkey can be taken. These rules also apply to youth during the youth weekend. Hunters who do not fill both turkey tags during the spring season may harvest one (1) turkey of either sex during either the fall archery or the fall shotgun season.
LICENSE COST: Resident: hunting license $32, turkey tag $16; Nonresident: hunting license $113, turkey tag $31. Annual Habitat Fee $2.50 (resident and nonresident), transaction fee $2 in person or $2.75 online.

New Jersey
About 20,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: 2,327 males
SEASON DATES: Youth Turkey Day: April 23; Period A: April 25-29; Period B: May 2-6; Period C: May 9-13; Period D: May 16-20 and May 23-27; Period E: April 30 and May 7, 14, 21
BAG LIMIT: One male bird per permit. Only one turkey may be taken per day regardless of the number of permits held.
LICENSE COST: Resident: Firearm $27.50; Bow and Arrow $31.50; Turkey Permit $21; Youth Turkey Permit $12
Non-Resident: Firearm $135.50; Bow and Arrow- $135.50; Turkey Permit $21; Youth Turkey Permit $12
NEED TO KNOW: Application period was Jan. 25 to Feb. 22. Permit pickup begins March 1 and must be claimed by 11:59 p.m. on March 22. Over-the-counter leftover permits can be purchased starting March 28 at 10 a.m.

New Mexico
(505) 476-8000
 Between 20,000 to 30,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: 2021 data available April 2022. 2020 harvest data: Spring Licenses Sold: 12,717; Spring total reported harvest: 2,125; Spring harvest success rates: 20.9%
Spring estimated harvest: 2,600; Spring license sales increased 23.4% from 2019 to 2020. Estimated spring harvest decreased 12.26% in 2020 from 2019
SEASON DATES: April 15 to May 10
BAG LIMIT: Two bearded turkeys
LICENSE COST: Resident: Game hunting license: $15, HMAV Validation: $4, Turkey license: $25; Nonresident: Game hunting license: $65, HMAV Validation: $4, Turkey license: $100
NEED TO KNOW: Individuals hunting on Forest Service or BLM lands also need to purchase a Habitat Stamp $10.

New York
(518) 402-8883 / (866) 933-2257
2021 HARVEST DATA: 16,900
SEASON DATES: Youth hunt April 23-24; Regular season May 1-31
BAG LIMIT:  Two bearded birds (one per day)
LICENSE COST: Resident hunting license: $22 (ages 16-69), $5 (ages 12-15), $5 (age 70+); Resident turkey permit: $10; Non-resident hunting license: $100 (ages 16+), $5 (ages 12-15); Non-resident turkey permit: $20

North Carolina
2021 HARVEST DATA: Total turkeys harvested in spring 2021 was 21,974 birds.
SEASON DATES: Youth-only: April 2-8, 2022; Regular season: April 9 to May 7
BAG LIMIT: Bearded or male turkeys only; Two birds per season (one bird per day)
LICENSE COST: Cost varies depending on state of residence. Check regulations.

North Dakota
(701) 328-6300
2021 HARVEST DATA: 2,268
SEASON DATES: April 9 to May 15
BAG LIMIT: One bearded turkey
LICENSE COST: $15, no nonresident licenses

 150,000-170,000 birds
2021 HARVEST DATA: 14,546 birds
SEASON DATES: Youth Season: April 9-10, South Zone: April 23 to May 22; Northeast Zone: April 30 to May 29
BAG LIMIT: One bearded bird
LICENSE COST: Resident 1-Year Hunting License: $19; Resident Spring Turkey Permit: $31.20; Nonresident 1-Year Hunting License: $180.96; Nonresident Spring Turkey Permit: $38.48; Youth 1-Year Hunting License (resident or nonresident): $10; Youth Spring Turkey Permit (resident or nonresident): $16
NEED TO KNOW: The Ohio Wildlife Council approved reducing the spring wild turkey season limit to one bearded bird during the 2022 season. In previous years, the season limit was two bearded birds. This regulation change includes the 2022 statewide spring wild turkey hunting season and the youth spring hunting season.

(405) 521-2730
 87,526 Rio Grande; 6,006 Eastern
2021 HARVEST DATA: 5,846 statewide
SEASON DATES: April 16 to May 16 statewide
BAG LIMIT: One male turkey limit statewide
LICENSE COST: Varies depending on age and exemptions. Check regulations.
NEED TO KNOW: Season start date moved from April 6 to April 16 statewide.

SEASON DATES:  April 15 to May 31
LICENSE COST: Turkey tag cost is $26.50 for resident, $90 for non-resident. License is $34.50 for residents, $172 for non-residents, or non-residents can obtain a 3-day license for $32.50.
NEED TO KNOW: Daily bag limit is one turkey. Review electronic tagging requirements in the Oregon Game Bird regulations. Hunters must report on their turkey tags by Jan. 31, 2023 at

 spring 2021:160,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: 28,087 (+ 3,629 SE) including a youth season harvest of 1,833 (+ 622) and a special license harvest of 4,653 (+ 1023)
SEASON DATES: Youth Season April 23, 2020. Regular season April 30-May 31, 2022.
BAG LIMIT: One bearded turkey on the regular license. Hunters may purchase a second spring gobbler hunting license prior to the opening of the regular spring season.
LICENSE COST: 1 spring plus 1 fall turkey tag provided in purchase of a general hunting license, Many different costs:
Junior: Resident general hunting license: $6.97, nonresident: $41.97; Adult resident: $20.97, nonresident: $101.97; Senior: $13.97
Other types of licenses listed on website (military, mentor, etc.)
A second bearded bird can be harvested, one per day, with the purchase of the special spring turkey license, up to the day before the regular season begins: Resident: $21.97, Nonresident: $41.97.

Rhode Island
(401) 789-0281
 The wild turkey population in Rhode Island appears to be stable. Population indices and brood surveys indicate stable 10-year trends.
2021 HARVEST DATA: 282 bearded turkeys harvested during the 2021 spring season, the highest harvest since turkey reintroductions began in the 1980s, and seven turkeys higher than the previous record of 275 turkeys in 2003.
SEASON DATES: Regular season April 28 to May 22; Youth Turkey Hunt April 18-24
BAG LIMIT: Hunters may harvest up to two bearded turkeys, but only one turkey may be harvested on state public lands. Each turkey requires an individual permit.
LICENSE COST: Turkey hunters must purchase both a hunting license (resident: $15, non-resident: $55) and a turkey permit (resident: $8, non-resident: $21.50/each of two available permits) to hunt wild turkeys in Rhode Island.
NEED TO KNOW: The youth turkey season expanded to seven days for the 2022 spring season (previously the youth season was two days), providing additional opportunity for junior hunters in the state.

South Carolina
(803) 734-3886
2021 HARVEST DATA: 14,065 (13,032 adults plus 1,033 juveniles)
SEASON DATES: Game Zones 1 and 2 private land: April 1 to May 10; Game Zones 3 and 4 private land: March 22 to April 30; WMA lands statewide: April 1-30
BAG LIMIT: Residents: Three gobblers per season, no more than one per day, no more than one during the first 10 days of each season framework. Nonresident: Two gobblers per season, no more than one per day, no more than one during the first 10 days of each season framework.
LICENSE COST: Resident: $5 per set of three tags. Nonresident: $100 per set of two tags. Youth hunters and lifetime/senior/disability license holders receive tags for free by request.

Photo Credit: David McCleaf
Photo Credit: David McCleaf

South Dakota
(605) 223-7660
 No estimates available
SEASON DATES: Archery April 2 to May 31; General season April 9 to May 31
BAG LIMIT: One male wild turkey
LICENSE COST: Resident: $25; non-resident: $100
NEED TO KNOW: Spring turkey hunting is shotgun or archery equipment only and rifles are not allowed. A fee ($5 resident, $10 nonresident) is required for all preference points.

2021 HARVEST DATA: Based on post-season hunter survey, an estimated 53,669 turkeys (47,895 ± 4,837 adult gobblers, 5,153 ± 1,682 jakes, and 621 ± 394 bearded hens) were harvested during the 2021 spring season.
SEASON DATES: Statewide (excluding the MAV Unit* and Giles, Lawrence, Lincoln, and Wayne Counties) Young Sportsman: March 26-27, Shotgun/Archery: April 2 to May 15
MAV Unit* and Giles, Lawrence, Lincoln, and Wayne Counties - Young Sportsman: April 9-10, Shotgun/Archery: April 16 to May 15
*The new Mississippi Alluvial Valley (MAV) Unit consists of Dyer, Lake, Lauderdale, Shelby and Tipton counties
BAG LIMIT: One bearded turkey per day, not to exceed three per season, except the season limit in the MAV Unit shall not exceed two bearded turkeys, which count toward the statewide season limit
LICENSE COST: Resident (at a minimum, must have): Hunting/Fishing Combo (Type 01) $33, AND AT LEAST ONE Annual Big Game Gun, Archery or Muzzleloader (Type 09, 10, or 11) $33. Nonresident: 7-Day All Game (Type 74) $214, or Annual All Game (Type 73) $305
Note: To hunt on public Wildlife Management Areas, both residents and nonresidents also must purchase a WMA permit (Type 94) for $24, or a Cherokee WMA permit (Type 95, good only on Cherokee WMA), for $18
NEED TO KNOW: All deer and turkey must be reported, prior to moving the harvested animal, on public or private land. In the absence of the ability to report in the field via smart phone, a temporary transportation tag must be affixed to the harvested animal until it is reported online or at a physical check station and a confirmation number is received.

(512) 389-4800
2021 HARVEST DATA: 2020-21 season combined harvest: 26,935
Rio Grande - North Zone, April 2 to May 15; Rio Grande - South Zone, March 19 to May 1; Rio Grande - Special one-turkey bag limit, April 1-30; Eastern turkey, April 22 to May 14
BAG LIMIT: Four birds annually; some counties do not have a season and some have a one-bird bag limit
LICENSE COST: Check regulations
NEED TO KNOW: The spring season dates have been delayed by two weeks for some counties in central Texas. Reference the county you plan to hunt this spring to assure you are hunting during the legal season dates.

(801) 538-4700
25,000 to 35,000
2021 HARVEST DATA: Limited Entry Statewide: 919 harvested; LE Youth: 201; LE Adult: 718; General Season Statewide: 2,035; GS Youth Only: 267; GS:1,768
SEASON DATES: Limited Entry: April 9-28; General Season: May 2-31; Youth: April 29 to May 1
LICENSE COST: Resident Turkey Permit: $35 for adults/CWMU; $25 for youth; Non-resident Turkey Permits: $115; Resident Hunting License: $34; Non-resident Hunting License: $72; Ages 14-17 Resident Hunting License: $16; Ages 13 and under Resident Hunting License: $11; Ages 17 and younger Non-resident Hunting License: $29; Ages 65 and older Resident Hunting License: $25; 3-day small game license: $42

(802) 828-1000
 Estimated 45,000 birds
2021 HARVEST DATA: Youth – 708; Novice (new in 2021) – 34; Spring – 5,001; Fall (archery and shotgun combined) – 426
SEASON DATES: Youth – April 23-24; Novice – April 23-24; Spring – May 1-31
BAG LIMIT: Youth – one bearded turkey; Novice – one bearded turkey; Spring – two bearded turkeys
LICENSE COST: Resident: Hunting license $28, Youth hunting license $8, Turkey tags (includes two spring tags and one fall tag) $23, Youth season turkey tag is free; Novice season turkey tag is free. Nonresident: Hunting license $102, Youth hunting license $25, Turkey tags (includes two spring tags and one fall tag) $38, Youth season turkey tag is free, Novice season turkey tag is free.
NEED TO KNOW: New Novice season runs concurrently with the Youth season (check regulations for details); Hunters can now report their harvested birds online (reporting form can be found online); Crossbows are now legal for all hunters; Only No. 2 and smaller shot can be used; Turkey hunters are encouraged to report their hunting activities (i.e., days/hours hunted, WMUs hunted, birds seen, etc.) using the VFWD’s new app – Vermont Outdoors ( ). Data collected via this app is expected to provide critical insight into Vermont’s turkey population and facilitate the implementation of sustainable management practices.

(804) 367-1000
170,000-190,000 birds, stable populations based on 10-year trend data
2021 HARVEST DATA: 20,541
SEASON DATES: Youth and Apprentice Season April 2 and 3; Spring season April 9-24 (half-hour before sunrise to noon); Spring season April 25 to May 14 (half-hour before sunrise to sunset)
BAG LIMIT: Three birds (one bird per day)
LICENSE COST: Check regulations

(360) 902-2200
 Stable to increasing
2021 HARVEST DATA: 2021 data will be available summer 2022. 2020 season: 9,535 hunters harvested 4,706 turkeys in spring 2020 and 4,988 hunters harvested 3,189 turkeys in the fall 2020 season.
SEASON DATES: Youth April 1-7. General April 15 to May 31
BAG LIMIT: The combined spring/youth season limit is three birds. Only two turkeys may be killed in Eastern Washington, except three may be killed in Spokane County and only one may be killed in Kittitas or Yakima counties. One turkey may be killed per year in Western Washington outside of Klickitat County. Two turkeys may be killed in Klickitat County. Male turkeys and turkeys with visible beards only.
LICENSE COST: Refer to Big Game or Game Bird and Small Game Regulations for requirements.
NEED TO KNOW: See the 2022 spring turkey regulations pamphlet:

West Virginia
 estimated 101,340
2021 HARVEST DATA: spring – 10,134; fall – 694
SEASON DATES: Youth season April 16-17; General spring turkey season April 18 to May 22
LICENSE COST: Resident $24 to $35 depending on license package; Nonresident: adults $164, youth $29; See West Virginia DNR Hunting and Trapping Regulations           Summary July 2021-June 2022

(608) 212-7923
No populations estimate; harvest data and age at harvest are used as an index to population health
2021 HARVEST DATA: 37,366
SEASON DATES: Youth Hunt April 16-17; General seasons: Period A: April 20-26; Period B: April 27-May 3; Period C: May 4-10; Period D: May 11-17; Period E: May 18-24; Period F: May 25-31
BAG LIMIT: One bearded or male turkey per harvest authorization
LICENSE COST: Resident: Spring Turkey Application $3; Spring Turkey License $15; Turkey Stamp $5.25; Spring Turkey harvest authorization bonus $10. Non-Resident: Spring Turkey Application $3; Spring Turkey License $60; Turkey Stamp $5.25; Spring Turkey harvest authorization bonus $15.00

(307) 777-4600 
Stable to increasing
SEASON DATES: Hunt Areas 1, 2, 4 and 5: April 20 to May 31; Hunt Area 3: April 1 to May 31
BAG LIMIT: One male or bearded female wild turkey per license. Must be tagged.
LICENSE COST: Resident: $16; Nonresident: $74; Conservation Stamp: $21.50
NEED TO KNOW: Most consistent hunting opportunities on public land normally occur after May 5 to 10. General licenses valid in all hunt areas. Type 3 licenses hunt area specific. After the spring license draw is completed, a person may apply for and receive up to three wild turkey licenses, provided that at least two of those licenses are Limited Quota Type 3 licenses. Hunters may possess no more than a total of three wild turkey licenses valid for any one season.

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