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Bow Hunting for Beginners

Taking up bow hunting can extend your hunting seasons, but there are some things you should learn before you get started.

Cassie Scott November 18, 20211 min read

Brenda Valentine, NWTF spokesperson and The First Lady of Hunting, describes three things beginner bow hunters need to keep in mind to excel in the activity.

Don’t over-bow

“You don’t want to be pulling more than you are comfortable with,” Valentine said.  Straining to draw your bow can cause injuries, lead to accidents and hinder your hunts. “Everyone can pull their bow back when they are calm and relaxed on a warm day, but what happens when the weather gets cold? Hunters should be able to comfortably draw their bow in any situation.” She suggests hunters test their true strength by pulling back their bow when sitting in a chair, with their feet flat on the ground. If it’s difficult, adjust your draw weight to a more manageable level.

Don’t gauge yourself by anyone else

“Do what’s best for you as a new hunter and don’t compare yourself to others,” Valentine said. “Any deer you take with archery equipment is a trophy you should be proud of.” She explains long time hunters may pass on a five point buck, but their goals may be different than yours. “There’s no need to apologize for harvesting a fawn or a small buck. If you took it humanely, you should be proud.”

Don’t base your season off of a kill

“A good experience is not measured in scoreable points.” Valentine encourages hunters to enjoy their surroundings. “Live in the moment; listen to birds, watch squirrels and take in the beauty of the fall leaves. It’s more about the journey than the destination,” Valentine said.

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