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Get Ready for the Premiere of ‘The Green Way Outdoors’ TV Show

In early 2023, The National Wild Turkey Federation partnered with The Green Way Outdoors to advocate for the conservation of our vital forests, wetlands and woodlands, striving to protect hunting practices and access for future generations and beyond.

August 28, 20232 min read

At the heart of this partnership is a concerted effort to promote and safeguard outdoor heritage and conservation. Through a blend of education, inspiration, entertainment and accessibility, the partnership aims to connect outdoorsmen and women with the beauty of the great outdoors while fostering respect for its blessings.

The Green Way Outdoors is an educational hunting and fishing reality TV series set to redefine how we engage with the natural world. Boasting high-quality, captivating content designed to appeal to diverse audiences and levels of expertise, the show is scheduled to premiere on The History Channel on September 2, 2023.

"I am proud to stand with the National Wild Turkey Federation, and I am excited for our viewers to witness their work on the History Channel," said Kyle Green of The Green Way Outdoors.

Beginning in September, each Saturday unfolds a back-to-back airing of two new episodes, broadcasting consecutively at 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on The History Channel. Additionally, each episode will be available on History Streaming the day following each episode.

This season features ten episodes following Green and his closest friends as they travel the globe in pursuit of wild game and dynamic conservation stories. From extreme hunting and fishing adventures to delving into the origins of our food, The Green Way Outdoors promises an immersive experience like no other.

Audiences will follow the entire process from harvest to the plate as Green takes viewers through preparing the harvested game and demonstrating delicious ways to cook each one.

Throughout the season, viewers will also gain insights into the conservation of native American species, such as buffalo, moose and alligator. Throughout these lessons, Green will also shed light on the ongoing detrimental impacts caused by non-native invasive species like Asian Carp, Snakehead and Pythons.

"In this season, we feature a turkey episode where we really dig into the National Wild Turkey Federation and all the work they do to help build turkey populations," Green said. "In Michigan, our wild turkey population was nearly extinct and now we have a robust population. NWTF had a lot to do with that. Who knows if I would have even gotten into hunting if it wasn't for them?"

About the National Wild Turkey Federation

Since 1973, the National Wild Turkey Federation has invested over half a billion dollars into wildlife conservation and has conserved or enhanced over 22 million acres of critical wildlife habitat. The organization continues to drive wildlife conservation, forest resiliency and robust recreational opportunities throughout the U.S. by working across boundaries on a landscape scale.

2023 is the NWTF's 50th Anniversary and an opportunity to propel the organization's mission into the future while honoring its rich history. For its 50th Anniversary, the NWTF has set six ambitious goals: positively impact 1 million acres of wildlife habitat; raise $500,000 for wild turkey research; increase membership to 250,000 members; dedicate $1 million to education and outreach programs; raise $5 million to invest in technology and NWTF's people; and raise $5 million to build toward a $50 million endowment for the future. Learn how you can help us reach these lofty goals.

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