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Hostutler Earns National Conservation Award

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Guy Hostutler of New Freeport, Pennsylvania, received national recognition from the NWTF as a recipient of a Roger M. Latham Sportsman Wild Turkey Service Award for his conservation and outreach excellence.

February 17, 20243 min read

“You don’t have to have millions and millions of dollars to make a difference, Hostutler said. “As a volunteer, the most precious resource you have is your time. How have you best used that time to make a difference? Did you speak at a youth event, teach valuable food plot techniques to new hunters, and/or have you shared your love of the outdoors with new/old hunters? We as the stewards of the earth are obligated to pass our love and passion onto the next generation while keeping the present and past generations connected. If during that process they give a little more of their time and resources, then we win. As a recipient of the Roger Latham, I am humbled but can only hope that it inspires others like me to do more and give more so they too can reach this level of recognition. As my grandfather would tell me if you bless others you will be blessed. I am blessed to be able to do a little more at this time in my life and thank all who have inspired me along the way.”

The NWTF presents Roger M. Latham Sportsman Wild Turkey Service awards to members who are not employed as professional wildlife managers but have made significant contributions to wild turkey conservation. This award is named for Roger M. Latham who authored the Complete Book of the Wild Turkey,working as a research ecologist, conservation biologist and environmental planner for over four decades. This service award recognizes up to five outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions by volunteering their personal time, energy and money working to deliver the mission of the NWTF.

Hostutler has been involved with the NWTF for over 20 years and is currently the Warrior Trail Chapter president. Under his leadership, the chapter has consistently had outstanding banquets and JAKES Day events.

Every year he secures significant acreage to allow youth hunters from all over to be able to participate in his chapter’s JAKES Day. He also secures guides for hunters who are inexperienced in the turkey woods or are not familiar with the area, and he raises the money to pay for it all.

The way Hostutler organizes his JAKES events allows kids to learn about shooting sports, trapping, and many different aspects of turkey hunting, including turkey habitat management, turkey calling and personal conduct as responsible sportsmen and women.

When assisting other groups, whether it's the Children's Hospital, the American Cancer Society, local youth sports teams, Ducks Unlimited, the NRA, or other NWTF chapters, Hostutler always represents the NWTF and shares his knowledge and love of the outdoors.

Guy eats, sleeps and breathes the NWTF mission,” NWTF co-CEO Jason Burckhalter said. “From introducing the next generation to conservation and turkey hunting, to his tireless efforts raising funds for the mission, Guy is a conservation stalwart, and we are proud to commend his efforts with a Roger M. Latham Sportsman Wild Turkey Service Award.”

About the National Wild Turkey Federation  

Since 1973, the National Wild Turkey Federation has invested over half a billion dollars into wildlife conservation and has positively impacted over 23 million acres of critical wildlife habitat. The NWTF has also invested over $9 million into wild turkey research to guide the management of the wild turkey population and to ensure sustainable populations into perpetuity. The organization continues to deliver its mission by working across boundaries on a landscape scale through its Four Shared Values: clean and abundant water, healthy forests and wildlife habitat, resilient communities, and robust recreational opportunities. With the help of its dedicated members, partners and staff, the NWTF continues its work to provide Healthy Habitats. and Healthy Harvests. for future generations. 

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