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timber stand before treatment
Birdseye view of a charcoal landscape before harvesting dead trees on Colt. Photo Courtesy of California Deer Association.

NWTF Debuts Colt Forest Stewardship and Timber Transport Pilot Project Story Map

Expediting forest restoration efforts in Northern California in an area impacted by a stand replacement fire.

February 7, 20241 min read

The Colt Forest Stewardship Project is pilot project being implemented under the Wildfire Crisis Strategy.  The pilot project is a first of its kind project testing the feasibility of using rail transport to expedite restoration efforts in a burn scar to restore forest health and enhance wildlife habitat.  There were many different facets to the project from mechanical timber harvesting to brush mowing and mastication to complete to project.

The story map provides details of the Colt Forest Stewardship Project and provides a geographic description of the location of the project area and the rail transportation of forest products from Oregon to Wyoming.

View the Full Story Map
Click the above image to download the PDF story map.
Click the above image to download the PDF story map.
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