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Government Affairs

The NWTF is charged with advocating for conservation and hunting heritage from the local to the federal levels.

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Advocating for the Mission

NWTF staff work with our volunteers, partners and policymakers to identify and engage on issues that impact wildlife management, lands conservation and hunting rights.

The NWTF’s engagement at the policy and rule-making levels is vital to delivering our mission. Working alongside state- and federal-level legislators and agencies, the NWTF can encourage laws and regulations that protect and bolster our rights as hunters and ensure our ability to deliver conservation effectively and efficiently on the landscape.

Federal policy is led by the NWTF’s director of government affairs who works to drive policy through engagement with numerous partners, conservation and sportsmen’s coalitions, federal agencies and congressional members and staff to amplify our members’ voices in Washington, D.C. This federal policy work is crucial to ensuring funding for land and wildlife management agencies and furthering the priorities identified to support our mission.

State Government Affairs is led at the regional level by the NWTF’s Directors of Conservation Operations as the points of contact for all state policy staff and volunteers. The National Director of Field Conservation ensures there is a cohesive state policy implementation strategy across the country.

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