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Learn to Hunt / Field to Fork Clinics

Locally sourced meat is without question the strongest commonality between hunter and nonhunter.

array of wild game on a grill

A Focus on Locally Sourced Food

NWTF chapters also host various Learn to Hunt and Field to Fork clinics.

Learn to Hunt clinics are a single-species educational event focused on basic information needed to pursue seasonal game animals. This typically includes respective game species biology, ideal habitat in which to find the species, hunting regulations, gear, safety, hunt setups and strategies and may also include game cleaning and preparation. These events may be followed by a Mentored Hunt.

Field to Fork events are a great platform to introduce individuals to hunting and foraging by highlighting the connection to food. Events focus on sourcing food and creating dishes from wild game, but also cover incorporating fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. This is now more relevant than ever for the public to understand the importance of hunting to the health and food security of this nation.

gathering for dinner of wild game

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