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Idaho Gov. with proclamation
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Idaho Governor Recognizes NWTF’s 50th Anniversary

Idaho Gov. Brad Little recognized the National Wild Turkey Federation Monday with the signing of a proclamation celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the organization. The proclamation is a significant acknowledgment of the NWTF’s contributions to the state's conservation efforts and preservation of the American hunting heritage.

Hannah McKinney April 6, 20232 min read

"It was my honor to accept this proclamation from Governor Little on behalf of the NWTF,” NWTF Regional Director Jason Tarwater said. “To have the governor not only recognize the NWTF's 50 years of conservation, but to also do it in front of hundreds of timber industry workers who are vital to our organization’s forest management efforts in our western states, means a lot to the NWTF." 

Nearly 300 individuals from the timber industry in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana attended the event, organized by Marc Brinkmeyer, NWTF National Board of Directors member and owner of Idaho Forest Group.

The proclamation, in part, reads:

“Whereas, the National Wild Turkey Federation is the largest and longest-serving nongovernmental stewardship partner of the USDA Forest Service, conserving habitat on National Forest System Lands for more than 40 years and heavily engaged in the development and implementation of the USDA’s Wildfire Crisis Strategy; and

Whereas, we wish the National Wild Turkey Federation and its members and chapters the best for the future as they continue to deliver their mission by working across land-ownership boundaries on a landscape scale to increase clean and abundant water, healthy forests and wildlife habitat, resilient communities and robust recreational opportunities across the country.”

“Recognition and support of our continued conservation efforts from the governor and Idaho Forest Group is a huge step for advancing national and local NWTF goals of Healthy Habitats, Healthy Harvests,” said Joe Foster, NWTF Idaho State Chapter president.

The NWTF policy team and its volunteer leadership are working with state legislatures across the country to pass similar measures this year that enshrine the NWTF’s legacy and mission delivery into state law.

Learn more about the NWTF’s policy and advocacy work.

About the National Wild Turkey Federation

Since 1973, the National Wild Turkey Federation has invested over half a billion dollars into wildlife conservation and has conserved or enhanced over 22 million acres of critical wildlife habitat. The organization continues to drive wildlife conservation, forest resiliency and robust recreational opportunities throughout the U.S. by working across boundaries on a landscape scale. 

2023 is the NWTF's 50th anniversary and an opportunity to propel the organization's mission into the future while honoring its rich history. For its 50-year celebration, the NWTF has set six ambitious goals: positively impact 1 million acres of wildlife habitat; raise $500,000 for wild turkey research; increase membership to 250,000 members; dedicate $1 million to education and outreach programs; raise $5 million to invest in technology and the NWTF's people; and raise $5 million to build toward a $50 million endowment for the future. Learn how you can help us reach these lofty goals.

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