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NWTF Convention Sponsors Exhibiting at SHOT Show

In just a month, the NWTF family flock will gather in Nashville for the annual Convention and Sport Show. But right now, several of us from the NWTF editorial staff are in Las Vegas for the 2023 SHOT Show, the largest gathering of the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry.

Pete Muller January 20, 20234 min read

Though we also are trying to track down new and improved gear on display here at SHOT Show, we also caught up with some of the sponsors of the upcoming 50th-anniversary bash to see what they were most excited to share with you next month.

Mossy Oak 

Daniel Hass of Mossy Oak, the Official Convention Sponsor and the Official Camo of the NWTF, was eager to tease that Mossy Oak would be “dipping into the archives” to bring back some items loved by turkey hunters. But, unfortunately, that was as much as he would divulge.

He also mentioned the Fox Vest, a follow-up to the wildly popular Bob Dixon vest launched in 2007 by Mossy Oak. “It is the most special product we have ever worked on,” said Haas. “It is the nicest product we have ever made. And, I think it is worthy of bearing his name and his legacy.” 

To get a first look at the new launches from Mossy Oak, including the highly anticipated Fox vest, make sure to visit the Mossy Oak booth during the 2023 Convention and Sport Show.

ALPS OutdoorZ 

Zach Scheidegger, of the Missouri-based brand that has become a fan favorite at the NWTF show each year, was eager to show off two items on display at SHOT. While standing next to the Dash Panel Blind, Scheidegger noted the single-hub blind was ideal for the run-and-gun style hunter because it was lightweight and it paired well with many of their chairs, such as the High Ridge Chair. 

In addition to the NWTF celebrating its 50th anniversary, ALPS will be celebrating 30 years. So naturally, Scheidegger and the ALPS team are excited to head to Nashville and invite everyone to “Come celebrate together!”

Federal Ammunition 

The long-time NWTF partner is again sponsoring Friday’s Hunting Heritage Breakfast during the convention festivities. During the event, the NWTF presents awards to its most dedicated volunteers for the JAKES, Women and the Outdoors and Wheelin’ Sportsmen education and outreach programs.

Jon Zinnel, Federal’s manager of conservation and youth shooting sports, said they would be showcasing new products in their booth, and turkey hunter favorites like TSS, 3rd Degree and Grand Slam would be available for purchase at Turkey Shoppe. Federal will have a new low recoil 2 ¾” inch 20-gauge load and 28-gauge turkey loads from its custom shop. 

Zinnel was proud that “the Federal ammunition team has been a partner with the NWTF since the 80s” and stated they are “looking to see what the next 50 years has in store.” 


The shotgun manufacturer has sponsored NWTF's convention since 2008 and showed off its 940 Pro Turkey with the innovative, optics-ready receiver last year at SHOT and the NWTF Show. Now, Mossberg has expanded its line of turkey guns with the patent-pending receivers designed to accept the low-profile mounting of Shield RMSc-pattern micro dot sights. 

Chris Adams of Mossberg showed off one of the models with the updated feature, the Mossberg 500 Turkey .410 in Mossy Oak Green Leaf. Noting that “TSS has changed the turkey hunting game as turkey hunters know,” he was eager to show off the new Mossberg SA 28-gauge. 

Duluth Pack Company

The Minnesota-based canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer was established in 1882, but it is still a first-time sponsor of the NWTF convention.  

While Duluth Pack Company won’t have a booth at the show of their own, CEO Tom Sega was proud to be a sponsor of the 50th-anniversary celebration and is eager to share their line of Mossy Oak GameKeeper bags available at the

Apex Ammunition

Sub-gauges have become extremely popular for bagging turkeys in recent years, thanks to TSS, and the folks at APEX are eager to help hunters in their upcoming pursuits. 

Mike Tussey of Apex Ammunition encouraged upcoming convention-goers to stop by the booth, ensuring they would have “tons of .410.” They also would have 28-gauge loads, which have become increasingly popular.


The shotgun company known for its inertia gun will again sponsor convention, so we hit their booth to see what was new for this upcoming season. 

Seth, an ambassador for Benelli, mentioned how excited the company is to be sponsoring and exhibiting during the upcoming 50th anniversary of the NWTF at convention. Seth said they will have many new platforms in their booth in Nashville. Expect to see the refreshed M2 line and the SBE3 in 28 gauge.

Silencer Central

We met up with the folks from Silencer Central, sponsors of the NWTF’s 2023 Grand National Auction and Dinner, while attending Industry Day at the Range. Silencer Central was showing off and letting attendees shoot firearms set up with a variety of their suppressors. Silencer Central’s Ryan Harkema made sure we checked out the new Banish Backcountry, a 7-ounce suppressor that can fit any rifle .300 or smaller. 

Silencer Central will have the Banish Backcountry and other suppressors on display in Nashville, and they also will take care of all the work to obtain a suppressor – forms, photos and fingerprints.

Tristar Arms

The folks at Tristar are no strangers to the NWTF convention and mentioned it was one of their favorites to attend each year. 

Garrett Bader was eager to see everyone again this February and said they will show off their popular turkey line in the booth. Bader also wanted to mention they will be showing off the new line of level-action .410 shotguns that we reviewed this past fall

Winchester Ammunition

It has been approximately a decade since Winchester Ammunition brought Longbeard XR to market, and they are partnering with the NWTF for the 50th anniversary to bring a special commemorative edition of the turkey load. We caught up with Jimmy Wilson to talk about this unique offering, and they showed off an oversized commemorative box designed using the Mossy Oak Bottomland pattern that adorns the NWTF’s 50th-anniversary logo.

Wilson said the ammo would be available at Turkey Shoppe and also encouraged attendees to join Winchester and the NWTF as we honor our nation's service men and women during Saturday’s veteran’s breakfast.


Dylan Rice of CZ-USA talked up the new, two-piston, gas-operated shotgun model 712 G3 and stated it was something that could handle target loads with the light piston or magnum duck or turkey loads with the heavier piston.

Rice said the 712 G3 and a variety of turkey models from CZ-USA would be available to check out at their booth at the NWTF Convention.

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