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America's Mid-South Rebirth

The Mid-South is characterized by upland hardwood forests dominated by oaks, which provide critical food and habitat for wildlife.

An Overview

States in NWTF’s Mid-South Rebirth region include: Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Virginia, West Virginia and Indiana.

NWTF’s Mid-South Rebirth is characterized by upland hardwood forests dominated by oaks, which provide critical food and habitat for wildlife. However, these oak forests that are home to countless turkeys and other wildlife are rapidly declining.

Development, growing agricultural operations and urban sprawl are quickly altering the southern landscape. The NWTF is working with federal and state agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and traditional and nontraditional partners to implement active stewardship and management on our remaining habitat, slowing the pace of development and increasing viable habitat.

Within the Mid-South Rebirth areas of focus, the NWTF is restoring oak forests and bottomland hardwood  areas, recruiting new hunters that help fund these conservation efforts and creating new habitats and enhancing existing ones. The NWTF does this work in the Mid-South Rebirth through both regional and landscape-level conservation projects that work hand-in-glove.

The NWTF is collaborating with an array of partners on a variety of projects that will ensure the wild places in NWTF’s Mid-South Rebirth stay wild and continue to provide great habitat.

southern appalachian mountains sunset with fog

Regional projects include the work NWTF state chapters fund through the NWTF Super Fund. Super Fund dollars are raised by NWTF local chapters in a state and go toward benefiting projects in their respective state. Projects like this include creating wildlife openings on WMAs or creating early successional habitat in national forests. When this regional work is combined with an adjacent state or state in the same Big Six Region, it augments the work the NWTF is doing from a national level through its landscape-level initiatives.

turkeys in a field in the fall

The NWTF has created a handful of landscape-level initiatives across the country that address specific issues of concern and incorporate an array of traditional and nontraditional partners, agencies and interested parties. These groups combine resources, funding and expertise that ultimately benefits the wildlife, forests, private lands and wetlands on an entire landscape.

NWTF’s Mid-South Rebirth is involved in multiple landscape-scale initiatives, including the National Forestry Initiative, Longleaf Restoration Initiative, Shortleaf Pine Initiative and White Oak Initiative.

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